Nine women’s groups respond on Single Sex Spaces

Fair Play for Women, FiLiA and all of the women’s declaration groups from across the Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, SNP, Green and Women’s Equality Party sent this letter to Liz Truss.

“Everyday single sex spaces are particularly important for women and girls. The question about whether a space is single sex or mixed sex shouldn’t be ambiguous to customers or to staff. Everyone deserves peace of mind, and to be treated with respect.
Clarity about single sex spaces is crucial for individual dignity, and
opportunity as it ensures that people of both sexes and people of all
religions, and ages are able to access work, education and leisure
opportunities which would not be available to them if they could not undress without assurance of not being overlooked by members of the opposite sex.”


WPUK response on Single Sex Spaces

Women’s Place UK said

“We welcome the clear commitment by the Government to uphold all these existing rights and ensure they are properly understood by service providers and users. Work is now needed to ensure that any policy changes by councils, public services, other organisations and businesses which have leapt ahead of the law are revisited and, where necessary, revised so the right to single-sex provisions is properly respected and applied. It is also vital that women are properly represented and consulted in any policy making or changes to the law.”