A mum’s story about single sex spaces in school

This guest post is by @SistaRealista on twitter (it was originally a twitter thread and is reposted here with her permission). This is a story from personal experience about the need for single-sex exemptions under law for certain spaces, and why Self-ID trans ideology can be problematic. It’s about ‘Colin’, a 16 year old boy, […]

Aleardo Zanghellini

Aleardo Zanghellini is a Professor of Law and Social Theory at Reading University. He recently published an article in the Sage Open Journal on Philosophical Problems With the Gender-Critical Feminist Argument Against Trans Inclusion. He does not define what he means by “trans inclusion”. But over the course of the article it becomes clear he […]

Revisiting the Brook case

There is very little case law about single and separate sex services and gender identity. Only one case has been litigated since the Equality Act 2010 was enacted. In 2014 Halifax County Court awarded £1,500 in damages to S Brook, who was refused access to the women’s toilets of a pub and then barred after […]

The incoherence of government guidance

The core question that this website is concerned with is whether, and on what basis, male adults have the right to use “female-only” single sex services, include those services provided for everyday bodily privacy (under Schedule 3, paragraph 27 (6) of the Equality Act 2010 in the UK): Whatever your instinct on the question it […]

“The transman gotcha”

Single and separate sex services are provided to meet the needs of people of one sex or the other. Often this need is simply for a place to undress, wash, and undertake bodily functions with privacy and dignity, in order to take part in public life such as at the gym, pub, clothing shops, school, […]

“They are rarely used”

The Single and Separate Sex Exceptions in the Equality Act 2010 are the bit of UK law which allows single sex services. They are tucked away in Schedule 3, Part 7, Paragraphs 26 and 27 and it is sometimes said they are ‘rarely used’, or that service providers have to choose to use them in […]

CPS Guidance undermining consent withdrawn

The Crown Prosecution Service has withdrawn an anti-bullying guidance pack for schools developed with Stonewall and Gendered Intelligence, after a 14-year-old girl brought a legal action. The pack, which has been withdrawn for review, encouraged schools to tell girls to ignore their discomfort and not object to males entering single sex spaces such as toilets […]

Baroness Nicholson writes to the Minister

Baroness Nicholson has written to Liz Truss highlighting that the Equality Act is misrepresenting in official guidance. I see the wording of the Equality Act 2010 has been distorted which results in departmental and institutional guidelines which differ significantly from the Act; and have been wrongly laid down as correct. Leading to…. extraordinary results for […]

Edward Lord Responds on Single Sex Spaces – and that survey

Edward Lord, Deputy of the City of London wrote to Liz Truss saying that based on a City of London survey “the findings are clear” single sex spaces should be open to people of the opposite sex based on gender identity. “Shortly after taking up my current role in the City of London, the Corporation […]

Nine women’s groups respond on Single Sex Spaces

Fair Play for Women, FiLiA and all of the women’s declaration groups from across the Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, SNP, Green and Women’s Equality Party sent this letter to Liz Truss. “Everyday single sex spaces are particularly important for women and girls. The question about whether a space is single sex or mixed sex shouldn’t […]


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